Headshots and Personal Branding what to wear for a Photoshoot

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When you are looking for the perfect headshot or portraits, focus on key elements. Your eyes and face should be the focal points, drawing attention to your best features. Pay attention to your hair, makeup and outfits to enhance your overall look. Lighting techniques are crucial for capturing the right mood and highlighting your features effectively.


In this article, I’ll discuss the importance of outfits. Choose attire that complements your features and personality, as it significantly impacts your photos. Opt for comfortable yet attractive outfits that boost your confidence and enhance your image during the photoshoot.

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1. Skirt, pants with Blouse Combination, also a suit dress:

Opt for a skirt, pants and blouse ensemble for a feminine and professional touch. Consider a monochromatic look with different shades of neutral colors for a sophisticated appearance.

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2. Classic Business Look:

A blazer is a timeless choice for business attire. Ensure that the blazer fits you well to flatter your body shape. Pair it with a pant or skirt and a white, pink/red or magenta, golden beige blouse for a professional and versatile outfit. You can remove the blazer during the shoot to create two distinct looks.

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3. Casual Chic:

If your work environment is more casual, consider wearing white for a relaxed yet refined look. Pair it with jeans and nude shoes for an effortless vibe. To add a touch of sophistication, layer with a blazer over your ensemble, adding a statement piece to your outfit.

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4. Corporate headshots & Portraits

A well-fitting suit is a fantastic choice. Those in more professional industries may prefer a more conservative look. Accessories are crucial for adding important details to your attire. leather shoes and a matching belt complement the suit, elevating your style.

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5. Looking for a modern alternative:

Consider a blazer with a white shirt, barely-there plaid print paired, chinos and a classic chambray shirt. This outfit reads more casual, making it a great option for those who don’t need a conservative look in their images.

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6. Artists:

Besides black, navy is very flattering in photos, solid colors tend to do best on camera.
If your Salon’s or Studio culture is casual clothing, aim for a mix between casual and “Fashionist”

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7. Developers, for business casual looks:

Developers updating their LinkedIn headshots in the hopes of landing a new position in the tech industry should aim for a slightly more formal attire.

Also a bomber jacket as an alternative to a suit jacket or blazer. It offers a polished look while still being more casual.